Dane Needs Your Help!

Hi! My name is Dane. Did you know I am perfect? I have never been told that before so it’s a little hard for me to believe, but my rescuers assure me it’s true. They tell me I am “Perfect. Perfect in every way.” Now you have to understand their perspective. They believe every dog they are lucky enough to help – no matter the ailment or challenge – is perfect. And for a kid found on the side of the road, with no one around to claim me, to love me, to look for me, you can understand how I am a little unsure if I should accept their praise, let alone their love. But they are working hard to make me a believer!!

My story starts when I was found on the side of the road in western Colorado. The local animal control picked me up and took me to a vet for a checkup since I was walking funny. They couldn’t find anything immediately wrong, but the shelter knew I had to make it to rescue for a real chance. As a staff favorite, they worked hard to find me a spot where my medical needs could be addressed. Step in Snow Capped Shepherd Rescue and a drive to Denver. Shortly after my arrival , I was scheduled for bloodwork, a neuter and exam by an orthopedic vet (shout out to Dr. Brod and the awesome staff at Deer Creek Animal Hospital!!!). The neuter went as planned, but unfortunately the bloodwork showed that I was heartworm positive. The heartworm treatment means I will be on strict cage rest for 60 days and will have to undergo 3 painful injections. The rescue will have to pay about $600 to help me conquer this battle. As for the orthopedic exam, I was diagnosed with bilateral carpal hyperextension. In lemans terms, my doggie wrists flex incorrectly due most likely to a fall from a moving truck, but the important thing to know is that I am not in any pain. I will however, need special braces made to help support my legs since I am a big dog with a lot of life to live! Luckily, one of the best places in the country for leg braces is right here in Colorado – Orthopets. I will see them at the end of July where they will make casts of my front legs and make braces just for me. As you can imagine, custom leg braces are not cheap and SCSR will have to come up with another $1,500 to cover that bill. Total vet care for Dane the Perfect: $2,100+. I tried arguing the perfect part, but SCSR would not hear of it. I am still, in their eyes, “perfect, perfect in every way.”

Can you please help my new friends raise the funds to cover my care? I would hate to have them not be able to help another “perfect” kid, just because of me. Please send my story far and wide and help them, help me. Every penny adds up and soon I will be heartworm free running around in an awesome pair of leg braces. I might not be the Six Million Dollar Man, but my friends at SCSR have certainly made me feel that I am worthy of that kind of fame. And more importantly, worthy of their kind dedication and endless love. Please consider a donation today. Help me get a few steps closer to finding a real family to love me forever and ever.

From just another perfectly, imperfect Snow Capped Shepherd Rescue kid…

All my love,



Here are photos of the cast that were made by OrthoPets.  This is the first step in making Dane's custom leg braces.  Come to Dane's Doggie Ice Cream Social on August 13th to meet Dane the Perfect and help us raise funds for his care!!!








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